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Order Entry Specialist Wanted! 🛩️

As an Order Entry Specialist, your responsibility is to process orders seamlessly, meet deadlines, and collaborate closely with account managers. Dive into organizational workings and handle practical tasks, including sample processing.

Order Entry Specialist Wanted! 🛩️

Role overview:

As an Order Entry Specialist, you'll be the wizard behind processing all customer and supplier orders. Precision in your tasks ensures the seamless operation of the entire process and meeting those crucial deadlines. Get ready to dive deep into the workings of our organization, closely collaborating with the account manager, and even reaching out to customers and suppliers when the need arises. And yes, be ready for practical tasks like sending and processing those important samples! 

  • ✨ Processing sales orders from customers 
  • ✨ Processing purchase orders to suppliers 
  • ✨ Planning transportation 
  • ✨ Entering forecasts

What do we offer:

  • 🎉 Small, professional, and friendly team
  • 🌐 International exposure
  • 💼 Competitive employment conditions
  • 🌈 A perfect mix of freedom and responsibility to let your skills shine

What we are looking for:

  • 🚀 Experience or love for logistics
  • 🧐 Accuracy aficionado
  • 🤓 Eagerness to learn new tricks
  • 📚 Administrative superhero
  • 🎓 Minimum MBO level in logistics, process management, or equivalent

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